Maya Bobrowska, Joanne Mantha, Pamela Schreiner

Purpose of this Meeting

Our main purpose was to finalize the invitation for the Sept. 19 event.

It’s in the crack that new growth occurs. We can then see the new possibilities.

Some things to discuss are:

  • The invitation and flyers
  • Advertizing
  • Registration
  • Design of event
  • Harvesting – i.e. Final Report
  • Funding

The Invitation and Flyers

Here are some themes that we were playing with:

  • Your message to Ottawa
  • Exploring the future of Ottawa
  • All voices of Ottawa exploring
  • Diverse voices of Ottawa brought together
  • Mosaic of vision for Ottawa
  • Meeting of voices
  • Bring together all diverse voices of Ottawa
  • Ottawa of a million voices
  • Create space for all of Ottawa
  • Ottawa the city you love
  • Converge all diverse voices of Ottawa into agenda for the future
  • Capturing wisdom of all diverse voices of Ottawa
  • Opening space for Ottawa’s voices

Visual representations of the theme:


Sub-group discussions during the event could be in any of the areas around Participatory Democracy: the context, the process and the content:


We’ll send e-mails and post flyers.


Create an e-mail address, such as gmail, so that people can let us know that they are coming. This will give us a rough idea of the number of people that we need to prepare for.

Design of Event

The basic design of the event will be open space. The divergence portion of the event will consist of sub-group discussions. The convergence portion of the event will consist of sharing the flip charts from the sub-group discussions in plenary. It will be good if people go away with action plans, however, it’s not our specific goal to do this since this event is simply the start of more to come.

We need an evaluation at the end of the workshop so that we can adjust what we are doing at the future events.

We reminded ourselves that we will not be vested in any particular outcome. The outcome/results are totally dependant on who takes part in this event.

Harvesting – Final Report

Since we’ll not use computers to create a report at the end, we may post the flip charts and do a gallery walk.

Next Steps

Schedule the next meeting for Monday evening. (Pamela)

Pay for the space on Sept. 19. (Pamela)

Finalize the invitation for sending out on Sunday. (All)