Maya Bobrowska, Jane Lindsay, Paul Maillet, Dorothy Milburn-Smith, Pamela Schreiner, Thomas Tegtmeyer


Paul – Helped to get the web site set up. We’ve already had over 300 hits.

Pamela – Helped to set up the web site. Attended the ChangeCamp, which was an unconference about OpenData and OpenGov.

Maya – There’s a disconnect between the city and citizens. How can we get beyond the doom and gloom? People want change but don’t know how to do it.

Dorothy – Has used the Meg Wheatley quote about “what do people care about”. She’s used it in work and church. There’s a disconnect between the rules and what people care about.

Jane – Interested in engagement processes. Involved with SLOWest (Sustainable Living Ottawa West). How can we help people connect with what they care about? Most people are not process aware. How can we make an energetic change to the morphogenic field?

Thomas – Conflict and friction exists in all sorts of organizations, including NGO type of organizations. In conflict resolution an empty chair is kept at the table – perhaps we could adopt this?

Things to discuss (Agenda)

Our Framework

  • What do we care about? (e.g. sustainable development, health and well-being) What are our strategic themes?
  • Visioning – What does the ideal city look like?


  • Can we shape the discourse?  – for the upcoming election


  • Invite politicians to our meetings
  • Event in Ottawa before election on Oct. 25
  • Event in Kingston


  • OurOttawa
  • Web site process
  • ChangeCamp
  • Graffiti  removal


This diagram shows a summary of our discussions.

Our Framework

The field provides the foundation for the framework. What is the space within which we move that our framework rests? How can everyone operate from a single field rather than each operating from several disconnected fields?

The inclusion of art (visual, poetry, etc.) in projects can be important. There are many examples…….

Our framework, shown in the summary diagram in the previous section, is built on what we care about. We care about:

  • Values-based government
  • Social Responsibility
  • Being Community

By taking context, process and content into account, we can increase our chances of success:

We’ll look at visioning at a future meeting.


How can we shape the discourse for the upcoming elections?

  • We can shape the discourse by the questions that we ask.
  • What are the values of the candidates? How can we see this?
    • Can we see the expressed values vs the actual (or applied) values?
    • An appreciative inquiry demo could be a way to see the values.
  • What is their response to what we care about?
  • What processes would the candidates suggest to make decisions, trade-offs, etc.
    • What processes would they use to do things from a broader perspective.

We might get better results from council if there were some councillors who represented the whole city rather than only a specific ward.


We can invite candidates to our meetings for conversations to shape the discourse.

We could host an Open Space event in Ottawa. The Glebe Community Centre is not available on a week-end day in September or October, but we’re on a waiting list.

If we wanted to host a Future Search ( ), Pamela has a friend that would be interested to help with the design and hosting.

Pamela has offered to design and host an Open Space event in Kingston for the mayoral candidate Robert Matheson. The possible dates for this event are Sept 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, or 26.


Pamela met with Shawn Menard and Bob Brocklebank about OurOttawa, which has similar goals to ours. See blog post:

Our web site is . Paul and Pamela can update the web site and add posts. Everyone can add comments. If someone from our group has a post to add, it needs to be sent to Paul or Pamela. Let Paul or Pamela know if you want the password to be able to make changes.

Pamela went to ChangeCamp and hosted a discussion about this project. See the blog for more info:

Pamela met a man who has patents for removing graffiti among other things. The city is still using other, non-green methods for graffiti removal. This appears to be an example of the municipality not making changes when less toxic methods are available.

Next Steps

Set up Doodle poll for next meeting. (Pamela)

Book space for an event before the Oct. 25 election (Pamela or ?)

Organize Open Space event in Kingston. (Pamela)

Check the Canadian Wellbeing Index. (Pamela)