Maya Bobrowska, Paul Maillet, Pamela Schreiner

The Purpose and Theme

Again, we explored the theme and what we are doing. We thought that another way to state the theme could be: Expanding City Governance to include Participatory Democracy. This could be represented pictorially by:

City governance should include participatory democracy.

The Event

We’ll use the Margaret Wheatley quote at the event: “There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

The Open Space preamble should include:

  • What does participatory democracy mean?
    • Expanding governance to include participatory democracy. Perhaps include a diagram.
  • What are the issues for participatory democracy to deal with?
  • What do we care about?
    • What are the values?

After the Event (The Timeline)

This flow chart shows the events, the election and things to be done.

One of the things to stress in our advertizing for the next event is that we are a non-partisan citizens group.


We listed more people and organizations that we can invite.

Next Steps

Schedule the next meeting for Tuesday at 3 pm. (Pamela)

Send more invitations. (Pamela)

Meet at the hall on Tuesday at 2 p.m. to plan usage of space. (Joanne, Pamela)

Pay for the Bronson Centre for the Oct. 17 event. (Pamela)