Meeting about Participatory Democracy for Ottawa

Participants: Maya Bobrowska, Paul Maillet, Joanne Mantha, Pamela Schreiner

Debrief of October 17 Event

We now have a framework for hosting participatory democracy events.

We could use smaller venues.

There should be a minimum of 20 people at events that are using Open Space Technology.

We need something more concrete in our marketing.

We could use some more provocative questions.

Things to do — moving this project forward

We agreed that we’d like to continue hosting participatory democracy events. We’ll change from the term Participatory Democracy to Living Democracy. (Pamela heard this term used by David Korten.)

The following table lists things to do. Items are grouped by:

  • Vision – Context – Why
  • Process – How
  • Network – Structure – With Whom
  • Actions – Engagement – What
Topic Details Who
Vision – Context – Why
Framework We have one framework based on the events that we’ve hosted. These events used Open Space Technology (OST). In the future, we could adapt the methodologies to the participants and the context of the events. For example, we could use a World Cafe format. Or we could use Appreciative Inquiry.
Living Democracy We’ll change to using the term Living Democracy.
Politics article Send others the Otto Scharmer article on politics. Pamela
Vision, Purpose, etc. We’ll determine/refresh our vision, purpose, values, etc.
Process – How
Venues Use smaller venues until natural growth occurs.
Event participants There must be at least a minimum of 20 participants for Open Space Technology (OST) event. If there are fewer participants, we could use other methodologies such as traditional plenary discussions with provocative questions, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, etc. When we prepare for an OST event, we must have a Plan B in case fewer participants come than expected.
Sponsors Find sponsors for the events.
Web site Evolve the web site. 

– add Tags

– use MailChimp sending out emails (create 2 email lists)

Network – Structure – With Whom
Institute of Governance Maintain contact with the Institute of Governance – possibly with Francois.
Web tools Explore theAustralian Participatory Democracy web tool
Contact ChangeCamp Contact ChangeCamp people – including those in Sault St. Marie. Joanne
Contact Participatory Democracy groups Contact other similar groups to ours that are exploring Participatory Democracy. E.g. 

– Harrisonburg, Virginia – Joanne

– Google to find more – Maya

Joanne, Maya
Contact individuals Contact Dave Chernushenko. Pamela
Contact individuals Contact Darcy of the Bronson Centre Pamela
Contact individuals Contact Cesar Bello Pamela
Actions – Engagement – What
Marketing We need something more concrete in our marketing.
Event We need more provocative questions.
Planning Create Operational Plan, including communications, content, intellectual property, etc. 

Specific items for Communications include:

– Put ad in Ottawa Citizen Our Town

– Put article in PEN Newsletter

– Put Francois’ article on our blog – Pamela

Pamela, etc.