Maya Bobrowska, Pamela Schreiner


The main purpose of this meeting was to determine the theme and key elements of advertizing the event on September 19.

Pamela spoke to Diane Gibeault before this meeting and brought forward suggestions. Diane is our local Open Space Technology guru. She cannot come to the event since she is leaving for a few months on September 7.

Since we will be both hosting and facilitating this event, we need to be upfront and transparent about this.

Goal of Events

We thought that the goal of hosting the Sept. 19 event might be:

  • Introduce participatory democracy as an options for public involvement in governance.


  • Promote and grow participatory democracy.

We’re not planning to directly affect city governance. We want to play with Participatory Democracy. This will have an indirect impact on city governance. The edges of city governance may become fuzzy. The following diagram shows this.

Are we planning to discuss: what is Participatory Democracy? Or do we simply want to try it out? What are the issues that we want to resolve with Participatory Democracy?  The following diagram shows these 3 possibilities and identifies whether they are context, process or content ways of looking at the event.

We recognize that our playing with Participatory Democracy is one of many ways/projects that are having an effect on city governance. And since we’ll be using Participatory Democracy to look at Participatory Democracy, we’ll be creating connections that will support the other projects, shown in diagram below, that are having an effect on the city.

Basically, we want to Play – Engage – Connect, to create a new vision for Ottawa.

Theme for the Events

We looked at possible themes for the events. They are:

  • Creating more space for more voices at the city (suggested by Diane Gibeault)
  • Creating spaces for tapestry of voices at the city
  • Creating space for multiplicity of ideas for the city
  • Creating collaboration process…….
  • Creating a space to integrate all voices in the city.
  • Creating harmony of all voices in Ottawa

We don’t have the final theme yet, so if you have suggestions, please let us know.


We’re considering using the following quote in our advertizing:

  • “There are no more prizes for predicting rain. There are only prizes for building arks.”

This quote is attributed to Anonymous, Don Beck and also Lou Gerstner of IBM. Which one is correct?


Here are the elements of the invitation:

  • Theme – TBD
  • Our Purpose (expand upon the theme – use other language that will appeal to a broader spectrum of people)
  • When – Sunday, September 19 from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm
    come  at 10:30
  • Where – Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre
    300 Avenue Des Pere Blancs, Ottawa ON
  • Who is invited
  • Who is inviting the participants
  • Why are we hosting this event
  • Explain a bit about the process – just enough so that they will be intrigued with something different.

We’ll need different forms of invitation:

  • 1-pager
  • E-mail
  • Paragraph for networks
  • Single sentence for Twitter
  • Very short paragraph for FaceBook, etc.

Next Steps

Schedule the next meeting for Tuesday. (Pamela)

Suggest alternate themes. (All)

Speak to Diane Gibeault again before she leaves on Sept. 7. (Pamela)