On the 2nd of April, Maya Bobrowska and I (Pamela Schreiner) took part in a High-level Meeting at the UN in New York City on “Happiness and Well Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm”. And then on the 3rd and 4th of April, Maya and I took part in the Civil Society working group. We are committed to continue the exploration and have a positive impact.

I felt so privileged to be part of this meeting. It included everything from economic recommendations to a spiritual statement by leaders from many different faiths. It gave me great hope that we are truly moving to a world where we care for all. The world “altruistic” was mentioned numerous times as a necessary attribute of a new economic paradigm.

For more information, see http://www.2apr.gov.bt/

For a news summary about this event see: http://www.cabinet.gov.bt/?p=746

And here’s a blog item from one of the spiritual leaders who attended: http://www.matthieuricard.org/en/index.php/blog/219_un_high_level_meeting_on_wellbeing_and_happiness_defining_and_new_econo/

And if you want to hear some of the speeches from April 2: http://www.unmultimedia.org/tv/unifeed/d/19888.html

This started 4 decades ago in Bhutan when the king noted that GDP is not enough. What we need is GNH (Gross National Happiness).