We’re hosting a collaborative event in Ottawa

 – We want peace groups to work together so that our dreams for a more peaceful Ottawa and world bear real fruit.

When – Sunday, 1 April, 1-5 PM

Where – Help us find a venue for 50

Who – City of Peace Ottawa (mycityofpeace.com) and KnowingOurCommunity (knowingourcommunity.wordpress.com)  (add your group as a sponsor) invite members of peace groups and other folks actively working for peace.

What –  We don’t want to create another group, we want to be a Nameless, Amorphous, Organic, Minimal Administration between already-existing organizations and groups.

How – Come to a meeting facilitated by KnowingOurCommunity using leading-edge dialogue-based methodologies for bringing people together for meaningful conversation, participative leadership and getting the results that are deeply desired. (Anyone else that feels called can join us to design the event).

To RSVP or for more information contact Pamela Schreiner or Peter Stockdale – or leave a comment on this post.