Ottawa’s City Hall has a beautiful, inspiring peace plaque a short distance from the Laurier Ave entrance.

Today, as part of a group of 4 women, we visited Occupy Ottawa. We went with an open mind to find out what is happening here. We found a great variety of people — young and old, people from all walks of life. They were organized – people were fed, people cleaned up, recycling was being picked up….  I was intrigued that it seemed to be leaderless. And the General Assembly method of facilitation was fascinating — it seems to include whole people — i.e. it included the mind, the heart and the body. I will go back and learn more about the communication.

We bracketed our visit to the Occupation with visits to 2 memorials in our capital. Before visiting the people in Confederation Park, we visited the Human Rights Monument:

Afterwards, as we were leaving, we stopped at the Peace Plaque in Ottawa’s City Hall. I often stop here to meditate the words of this plaque into the space of City Hall and Ottawa.

What a beautiful outing!