On January 12, I had fish and chips for supper with Peter Goldsbury and Andrée Mathieu on top of the hill in Devonport, New Zealand. Even though Andrée lives a few hours from me in Canada, I first met her in New Zealand.

I learned more about the Tipu Ake leadership model that started with a Maori school wanting to get better outcomes. They used their ancient teachings to transform the school. For example, they recognize that ideas germinate in the undercurrents or chaos. The model and this inspirational story can be seen at http://www.tipuake.org.nz/ .

Peter has taken this organic model and applied it to organizations and project management.  http://www.projectmanagement.co.nz/

Here are Peter and Andrée atop the hill.

Here is me with the houses of Devonport in the background and the Rangitoto Island volcano.