On December 21, we (Paul, Maya and Pamela) interviewed Mark Kuznicki by phone. Mark’s consulting practice is remarkk . Mark started ChangeCamp , the tag line is: Re-imagine government and citizenship in the age of participation. They hope to ignite a self-organizing movement for positive change in cities, towns and neighbourhoods across Canada. Pamela attended ChangeCampOttawa last summer and saw how their unconference was an adaption of the Open Space methodology and how it was being used to further Open Data for the city of Ottawa. Pamela was intrigued with how technology and conversation can weave together for generative change.

Mark brings together both online and offline methods. Mark’s mission is around the resilience question.

Mark recommended some books that he has found helpful:

  • The Ingenuity Gap by Thomas Homer Dixon
  • Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block

Mark suggested that we connect with the co-working community. For example, in Ottawa we have The Code Factory . In Toronto, they have the Centre for Social Innovation .

And here is Maya’s drawing that appeared as we conversed: