The Political Compass provides a 4-quadrant model that goes beyond the simple left-right categorization that considers only economics. It also has a social scale from authoritarianism to libertarianism.

The region-specific examples of political compass include the Canadian elections of 2008. See .

A chaordic organization is one that operates in balance between chaos and order. Order is based on our learnings from the past. Consequently, creativity and innovation come from chaos – from our ability to hold the chaos. If we have too much order, moving into control, we lose the ability to create the new. We simply keep on recreating the past. Yet most organizations profess the need and/or desire to be creative and innovative. Nature operates in a chaordic fashion. A chaordic organization can be considered akin to a nature-based organization.

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I’d love to explore how a Chaordic Organization would look on the Political Compass. Would chaordic politics be in the Right-Libertarian quadrant? Or would it be in the centre of the 4 quadrants?